Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Santa's Secret

Is he cute, or what? Get ready for Christmas with a happy inked portrait of Santa wearing either a red or blue Santa Suit. My ready to go drawing goes under white fabric and I'll guide you step by step through completion. Everyone can do this ink painting on fabric.

This is a 1 day class.
Supply List:
1. Painters or masking tape
2. Fabric and paper scissors
3. Paper and pencil for notes
4. Fine or ultra fine tip black sharpie marker
5. A few paper towels
6. 1/2 yard high quality WHITE PFD fabric (*)
7. A fat quarter of white scrap fabric (for practice)
8. Tsukineko Fabric Inks, Markers, Applicators (*)
9. Santa Drawing (*)
10. NOTE: For venues that don't provide a plastic covered table... please bring a large smooth surface white trash for kitchen trash cans.
(*) Items noted with an asterisk (*) are usually part of a class kit.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Art of Quilting

Your art or traditional quilt top is DONE! Now what? We'll review what kind of quilting line conveys what message/feeling, and how thread colors can enhance/support/even excite your quilt top. You are welcome to bring a quilt top for discussion/planning.

This can be formatted to a 3 hour class.. generally as a lecture format
a full 1 day class with significant individual planning/interaction

Supply List for 1/2 day ( 3 hour) class
1. Paper and pencil for notes
2. Optional: a finished quilt top

Supply List for Full Day Class
1. Paper and pencil for notes
2. A finished quilt top
3. Large sheet tracing paper
4. Washable Colored Markers or pencils

Fun Faces in Ink

I've wanted to do this class for some time... It's so fun! I'll bring to class an assortment of face and torso shapes/eye/nose/mouth/hair shapes. You can mix and match into a collaged drawing to be used as a basis for a painted with ink caricature of yourself or a friend. Your result can be finished as part of a quilt, wall hanging, placemat,etc. You will have a ball!

This is a 1 day class!
Supply List
1) If other than a planned painting of yourself.... bring to class a photo of the person you wish to interpret on fabric. Well.. if you want, you can bring a photo of yourself too
2) Glue stick
3) Fabric and paper scissors
4) A smooth surface white trash bag ( like for kitchen trash cans)
5) Tsukineko Inks, applicators, fabric markers you may already own... bring as desired ( Patt can put together a basic kit for organizations and will if permitted bring additional inks/ markers for sale in classroom)
6) a fat quarter size piece of white scrap fabric for testing inks
7) painters or masking tape
8) a few paper towels
9) 1/2 yard of skin toned fabric ( might be included in a requested kit)> Either way, Patt will bring some fabric for sale in classroom.
10) a fine or ultra fine sharpie permanent marker
11) pen / notebook for taking notes
12) A lightbox if you already own one and you are local to the classroom
Contact with questions