Monday, April 29, 2019

Don't Mess w/ Big Bird

"Don't Mess With Big Bird!"

 I met this big bird 'for real' on a 2009 mission trip to Ecuador. He had a fatter neck and  upper back , was slightly hunched over with all that weight..., So I stood him up tall, help him lose weight, fluffed his feathers and voila!!  
 In a 6 hr class, you can get this rooster painted using all purpose transparent inks and fiber applicators.  Patt will bring high thread count white PFD  fabric $5.50),   required purchase $3 drawings, and  Tsukineko inks and markers (appx $4ea.), applicators (under $1)all for sale in classroom(cash or check)   Rather than owning every ink color in the line, you'll  be learning to layer 2 colors creating yet a third. 
If you already own inks, I've outlined what you might  bring with you. See supply list! 

Class Supply List( a/o May 1 2019):

Pencil/paper for notes
Fabric Scissors 
Fine tip black sharpie marker 
Painters or masking tape
A few paper towels in class of a rare spill 
 fat quarter of scrap white fabric used for testing inks 
a smooth finish white trash bag ( like for tall kitchen cans.. appx 13 gal.) 
a fine tip BLACK pigma micron pen ( Available at JoAnns, Michaels, & some quilt shops) . ) I'll have a few for sale in class 
1/2 yard cut high quality high thread count white cotton fabric ( like Hoffman PFD pattern#1377 or Dharma Trading Pimatex).   Either way, Patt carries Hoffman with her to classes. 
If you already own Tsukineko inks, you might  bring a  brush tip applicator for each  and inks colors yellow(11), teal(20)  light brown (52) and dark brown(55), rust(53),  pale yellow (90), sedona clay ( 97), gray (81) black(82), red (14 or 92). Bring a red writing size tip fabric marker eg Fabric 114 you might already own. I'll have these and other colors  for sale in classroom. 

Optional :
        1)) A white foam board 20"x 30" (I don't do this but know some students like to tape their drawing and fabric  to a board so they can lean the board against the table and atop their lap.)
        2) A Ziploc plastic bag ( probably gallon size)  in which you may store any purchased inks for return home. 

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Pride of A Lion

I’ve been wanting to create a class project like this for some time. My self challenge… no more than 6 inks and and1black fabric marker. Perfect for first time painters and those looking for a fun simple  learning project
     Here’s your chance to paint on fabric using all purpose inks and markers.  You’ll be proud of your result. You can create this bright fun prideful lion in a 6 hr. hour class following Patt’s classroom instructions. You’ll place her line drawing beneath high quality white PFD fabric, and use fabric markers, ink, and applicators to create this colorful lion!!!!   You’ll then know how to create something similar for your favorite pet back home.        In an effort to keep your costs down, Patt can provide in class use of  a couple of her inks for the lion's  eyes.
Supply List: Please bring

a) A smooth surface white trash bag (eg 13 gal kitchen size- to protect table                                        surface,  
b)small amount of painters tape, 
c)ultra fine tip sharpie marker,   
d)a few paper towels in case of a rare spill. 
e) appx a fat eight of white scrap fabric to practice on 
f)  OPTIONAL though ideal: a fine tip black micron pigma pen you already own. 

Patt carries line of inks, applicators, Hoffman PFD, and markers available in class
Patt can/will have  ready to go Pride of a Lion kits using Tsukineko bottled inks. Patt used lime green, yellow, orange, cherry pink, purple, red.  $45 Kit includes drawing, 6 bottles of inks, 6 brush tip applicators, 1 black fabric marker, 1/2 yard high quality Hoffman prepared for dying fabric (PFD) suited for this project method. 
payable by check or cash in class.  (updated May 1, 2019)

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Painting With Inks

 A One Day Class

Added option   .. Sweet Bird ...  easily completed in 6 hr class... uses minimal inks... chose your colors or those shown :-D

 Class Description: This class is perfect for those that don't draw, don't paint but wish they could. Using either one of my ready to go class drawings ( either  for the one above or those also listed at the bottom of this post), or a  prepared/enlarged, 'traced' contour drawing from one of your own photographs (use Patt's EZ drawing  link  shown below). Lay your drawing beneath plain white fabric, then paint using Tsukineko Inks and applicators. At class end, you'll depart feeling proud.

Class Supply List:

Pencil/paper for notes
Fabric Scissors 
Fine tip black sharpie marker
Painters or masking tape
A few paper towels in class of a rare spill 
 fat quarter of scrap white fabric used for testing inks
a smooth finish white trash bag ( like for tall kitchen cans.. appx 13 gal.)
If painting "I birds on the quilt"... bring a very fine tip BLACK pigma micron pen ( Available at JoAnns, Michaels, & some quilt shops) . You'll be glad you did. 
 Tsukineko Inks, fabric markers you already own and wish to use in class.
If not part of a stated class kit, bring high quality high thread count white cotton fabric ( like Hoffman PFD pattern#1377 or Dharma Trading Pimatex). ( a half yard is fine for any of Patts ready to go drawings)  Either way, Patt carries Hoffman with her to classes.
Optional :
          1) A white plastic picnic plate to mix on should you wish to mix inks (I  very rarely do this)
        2) Of the size you wish to paint…A bold lined basic line drawing  (ala coloring book simplicity) of an item you’d like to paint. You might want to keep this first project manageable in size… i.e. around 18x 24 or smaller. IF you want to bring your own drawing, check out the drawing/tracing method shown at Click here to go to it.  Enlarge traced image to your liking at a local print shop. HINT: an 8 ½ x 11 tracing enlarged at 205% is slightly smaller than 18 x 24.   
        3) A white foam board 20"x 30" (I don't do this but know some students like to tape their drawing and fabric  to a board so they can lean the board against the table and atop their lap.)
        4) A Ziploc plastic bag ( quart or gallon size)  in which you may store your inks for return home. 

        Other Ready to go drawing options Patt will bring to class include:
more recently added 

    Inks, markers, and fabric available in class ( cash or check).

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hawaiian Applique Without The 'A Word'

Ever want to own a quilted Hawaiian Appliqué but don’t do the “A’ word… or even if you do appliqué, don’t want to spend the amount of time it takes to complete a complicated design such as this.  My very first quilt ever was a hand appliqué, hand quilted pillow that took several weeks.  Forget that!  For this class, you may create whatever color faux appliqué you like. (I’ll bring a variety of colors)  You will use a pattern laid underneath your cotton fabric as a guide to paint your entire appliqué in class using 1 bottle of Tsukineko fabric ink and one same color matching marker. Bottom line, this project is both economic AND fast !!!!   Absolutely anyone can do this!     Project size varies in 3 and  6 hr class versions. 

 Standard Student Supply List: 
a) A smooth surface white trash bag ( 13 gal. kitchen can size is fine), b) A few paper towels in case of a rare spill,c) Small amount of painters or masking tape
 A Kit will  include  :
 Kit includes: Hawaiian Appliqué Pattern, One bottle of pigment ink, Matching fabric marker, One ink applicator, Paintable sateen fabric, Class instructions.  Option choices in class: red, blue, green, purple, or black applique color scheme. 

Quilters Filling Station

 Quilter's Filling Station : Attend this class and you’ll leave with confidence and quilting motif samples to use in your work at home.  We’ll look at and create in free motion  3 ‘types of motifs: ones that stabilize, harmonize, and  even ‘MOVE’ your eyes on your quilt tops. You’ll create a sampler piece of stitched motifs of each type and that sampler can serve as your own quick reference library OR you can approach it as a standalone machine quilted art piece.  You’ll grow through FREEDOM to fill and learn in the doing!!.  Machines  are sometimes  provided at large venues as will be outlined in venue description/supply list info. Guild venues will require students to bring their machine to class.   There will be a small  material fee for a Quilting Art handout of  sample textures and fillers. This is designed for fairly new to intermediate  quilters.) At least some experience with free motion quilting advised.     3 or 6 hrs class as chosen by venue
  2020 Filling Station Supply List: 
      a   Frixion making pen by Pilot (found at Staples or most quilt shops) 
      b   Top thread to contrast with fabric quilt sandwich fabric
If class description calls for you to bring your own machine , bring appx. 40 wt. thread  for  and bobbin. Note:    you may use multiple bobbin fills. 
          c Basic quilting supplies… thread snips or small scissors,  optional quilting gloves,  
d  IF class listing asks  you bring your own machine,   also bring machine needles( my favorite = microtexsharps 70/10 but bring what you have).
e. Several ( estimate 6)   approximately 14 x 14  pinned quilt sandwiches.(Suggest you have a lighter value plain or mottled fabric on which it will be easy to add/ see markings.
f. Optional….  6” see through ruler (Omnigrid makes a great one 1” wide by 6” long) 
g. Optional : if you already own and have room in your supplies, your standard sized Supreme Slider 
h. Optional : bring photos, drawings, or printouts of quilting motifs you like.
i. Optional : Notepad and pen for any notes you might want to take.
Dated May 1 2019

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Media Mixer with Patt

Can you believe this little quilt top is created using fabric, napkin and kleenex tissues, stamps ,stencils, marking pens and pencils. You will design your own whimsical version of what you chose to adhere to fabric. All will be beautiful.  I will bring several types of napkins, tissues, and stamps for you to play with but I encourage you bring something you love too.  You’ll chose items, lay them around on your fabric piece 'til you are ‘happy’, then adhere them to your art quilt top with my instruction.

Student Supply List 

a. A smooth surface white trash bag-like kitchen size 13 gal. to protect work table

b. A few paper towels for clean up - hand wipe

c. Small amount of painters or masking tape

d. Plastic throwaway plate  (any size, white is best) 

e. A black Pigma Pen (I like smaller point ones but bring what you own)

f. Appx. ¼  yard freezer paper to use as a stencil and/or palette

g.  Small Paper scissors

h. Stencil brush

i. A zip loc type bag or equivalent to protect and 

   transport your finished piece home.

k. a small throwaway magazine to be used as a glue application surface.

 DESIRABLE :  Things you already own 

 1.   A printed napkin or 2 you might love, a couple interesting stamps you

    already own, stamp pad, even interesting tissue paper, newspaper images

    I’ll be bringing some.

2. Any stencil  or rubber  stamp you want to play with

3. If you have one with you, a few shareable classroom hair dryers

    will be helpful.

4. 1 or 2 Shiva paint sticks  (the metallic and neutral tones

    work well for this) .

5. A few choice Prismacolor pencils you already own. I’ll bring some.

6. A Brayer if you already own one.( Brayers will roll added images flat).

7. A flat paint brush (appx 1/2" to 3/4" wide)

8.  A used tea bag, dried, cut open and emptied..i.e. just the tea bag tissue

Patt will provide the following materials:
 A Materials Fee will be payable to Patt in class by check or cash :
Prepared fabric piece
Matte Medium
Choice of assorted  stamped tissues, napkins, papers
Class instructions.
 A collection of Misc. media supplies for use in class.
1” foam brush per student

( A shorter version of this class possible with negotiation)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Father Christmas - Personalized

Father Christmas Description    1 day class   with Patt Blair     

Using Patt’s contour drawing of Father Christmas you will paint a pictorial Father Christmas Story that is uniquely you or perhaps a person for which you may be creating this piece as a gift.  You will use Tsukineko pigment inks to create your “Father Christmas ‘  The class is open to all skill levels as Patt will present you with his happy face already on fabric so you can spend your class time playing/adding to his hat and coat and background/foreground.  click here to see the face painting I deliver to students for this class( Note: The example quilted coat includes scenes from England, tea service, and sewing memorabilia which uniquely represented the quilt recipient.)
Father Christmas  Supply List                                                     
  • Pencil and notebook for taking notes
  •  An ultra fine sharpie marker to write on ink bottles/pens
  • Appx a fat quarter of white or off white scrap fabric..(to practice on)
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Masking or painters tape
  • 1 white large smooth surface plastic trash bag (like for tall kitchen cans)
·       Selection of colors of your choosing of Tsukineko inks in small bottles (will be available for sale during class time)
·       Fantastix painting applicators by Tsukineko.. (will be available during class time)      
  • Paper Towels..just a few
  • If you already own some fabric markers, bring ‘em if you’d like to use them on this piece.
  • A Black Micron Pigma Pen to be used for tracing clipart-like images( smaller point is best) 
  • An empty 1 gallon Ziploc for safely transporting supplies home
  • (Optional but desirable) 1 or 2 rubber stamps that represent something you’d like to appear on ‘your’ coat.  (example ..Patt will bring a few samples that relate to sewing) Christmas themed stamps are great too. Put your name on your stamps in case you loan them out during class. .
  • (Optional but desirable) Small sized no greater than 2”or 3” line drawings (like clip art) of things you’d like to see on ‘your’ coat ( Patt will have a few examples on hand).
  • Optional: If you already own a light box… we might like having one or 2 in class.
 This is a Drawing/Fabric Fee  for an original prepainted face on project sized fabric and enlarged drawing ( i.e. ready to go). 

With venue pre-arrangements... Inks and markers  can be made available in class.  Venue's advertised  description and supply list info will detail arrangements. 
Check or cash. 
Tsukineko craft ink products are also available through,