Monday, April 29, 2019

Don't Mess w/ Big Bird

"Don't Mess With Big Bird!"

 I met this big bird 'for real' on a 2009 mission trip to Ecuador. He had a fatter neck and  upper back , was slightly hunched over with all that weight..., So I stood him up tall, help him lose weight, fluffed his feathers and voila!!  
 In a 6 hr class, you can get this rooster painted using all purpose transparent inks and fiber applicators.  Patt will bring high thread count white PFD  fabric $5.50),   required purchase $3 drawings, and  Tsukineko inks and markers (appx $4ea.), applicators (under $1)all for sale in classroom(cash or check)   Rather than owning every ink color in the line, you'll  be learning to layer 2 colors creating yet a third. 
If you already own inks, I've outlined what you might  bring with you. See supply list! 

Class Supply List( a/o May 1 2019):

Pencil/paper for notes
Fabric Scissors 
Fine tip black sharpie marker 
Painters or masking tape
A few paper towels in class of a rare spill 
 fat quarter of scrap white fabric used for testing inks 
a smooth finish white trash bag ( like for tall kitchen cans.. appx 13 gal.) 
a fine tip BLACK pigma micron pen ( Available at JoAnns, Michaels, & some quilt shops) . ) I'll have a few for sale in class 
1/2 yard cut high quality high thread count white cotton fabric ( like Hoffman PFD pattern#1377 or Dharma Trading Pimatex).   Either way, Patt carries Hoffman with her to classes. 
If you already own Tsukineko inks, you might  bring a  brush tip applicator for each  and inks colors yellow(11), teal(20)  light brown (52) and dark brown(55), rust(53),  pale yellow (90), sedona clay ( 97), gray (81) black(82), red (14 or 92). Bring a red writing size tip fabric marker eg Fabric 114 you might already own. I'll have these and other colors  for sale in classroom. 

Optional :
        1)) A white foam board 20"x 30" (I don't do this but know some students like to tape their drawing and fabric  to a board so they can lean the board against the table and atop their lap.)
        2) A Ziploc plastic bag ( probably gallon size)  in which you may store any purchased inks for return home. 

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