Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Media Mixer with Patt

Can you believe this little quilt top is created using fabric, napkin and kleenex tissues, stamps ,stencils, marking pens and pencils. You will design your own whimsical version of what you chose to adhere to fabric. All will be beautiful.  I will bring several types of napkins, tissues, and stamps for you to play with but I encourage you bring something you love too.  You’ll chose items, lay them around on your fabric piece 'til you are ‘happy’, then adhere them to your art quilt top with my instruction.

Student Supply List 

a. A smooth surface white trash bag-like kitchen size 13 gal. to protect work table

b. A few paper towels for clean up - hand wipe

c. Small amount of painters or masking tape

d. Plastic throwaway plate  (any size, white is best) 

e. A black Pigma Pen (I like smaller point ones but bring what you own)

f. Appx. ¼  yard freezer paper to use as a stencil and/or palette

g.  Small Paper scissors

h. Stencil brush

i. A zip loc type bag or equivalent to protect and 

   transport your finished piece home.

k. a small throwaway magazine to be used as a glue application surface.

 DESIRABLE :  Things you already own 

 1.   A printed napkin or 2 you might love, a couple interesting stamps you

    already own, stamp pad, even interesting tissue paper, newspaper images

    I’ll be bringing some.

2. Any stencil  or rubber  stamp you want to play with

3. If you have one with you, a few shareable classroom hair dryers

    will be helpful.

4. 1 or 2 Shiva paint sticks  (the metallic and neutral tones

    work well for this) .

5. A few choice Prismacolor pencils you already own. I’ll bring some.

6. A Brayer if you already own one.( Brayers will roll added images flat).

7. A flat paint brush (appx 1/2" to 3/4" wide)

8.  A used tea bag, dried, cut open and emptied..i.e. just the tea bag tissue

Patt will provide the following materials:
 A Materials Fee will be payable to Patt in class by check or cash :
Prepared fabric piece
Matte Medium
Choice of assorted  stamped tissues, napkins, papers
Class instructions.
 A collection of Misc. media supplies for use in class.
1” foam brush per student

( A shorter version of this class possible with negotiation)

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