Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Quilters Filling Station

 Quilter's Filling Station : Attend this class and you’ll leave with confidence and quilting motif samples to use in your work at home.  We’ll look at and create in free motion  3 ‘types of motifs: ones that stabilize, harmonize, and  even ‘MOVE’ your eyes on your quilt tops. You’ll create a sampler piece of stitched motifs of each type and that sampler can serve as your own quick reference library OR you can approach it as a standalone machine quilted art piece.  You’ll grow through FREEDOM to fill and learn in the doing!!.  Machines  are sometimes  provided at large venues as will be outlined in venue description/supply list info. Guild venues will require students to bring their machine to class.   There will be a small  material fee for a Quilting Art handout of  sample textures and fillers. This is designed for fairly new to intermediate  quilters.) At least some experience with free motion quilting advised.     3 or 6 hrs class as chosen by venue
  2020 Filling Station Supply List: 
      a   Frixion making pen by Pilot (found at Staples or most quilt shops) 
      b   Top thread to contrast with fabric quilt sandwich fabric
If class description calls for you to bring your own machine , bring appx. 40 wt. thread  for  and bobbin. Note:    you may use multiple bobbin fills. 
          c Basic quilting supplies… thread snips or small scissors,  optional quilting gloves,  
d  IF class listing asks  you bring your own machine,   also bring machine needles( my favorite = microtexsharps 70/10 but bring what you have).
e. Several ( estimate 6)   approximately 14 x 14  pinned quilt sandwiches.(Suggest you have a lighter value plain or mottled fabric on which it will be easy to add/ see markings.
f. Optional….  6” see through ruler (Omnigrid makes a great one 1” wide by 6” long) 
g. Optional : if you already own and have room in your supplies, your standard sized Supreme Slider 
h. Optional : bring photos, drawings, or printouts of quilting motifs you like.
i. Optional : Notepad and pen for any notes you might want to take.
Dated May 1 2019

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