Saturday, March 9, 2013

Father Christmas - Personalized

Father Christmas Description    1 day class   with Patt Blair     

Using Patt’s contour drawing of Father Christmas you will paint a pictorial Father Christmas Story that is uniquely you or perhaps a person for which you may be creating this piece as a gift.  You will use Tsukineko pigment inks to create your “Father Christmas ‘  The class is open to all skill levels as Patt will present you with his happy face already on fabric so you can spend your class time playing/adding to his hat and coat and background/foreground.  click here to see the face painting I deliver to students for this class( Note: The example quilted coat includes scenes from England, tea service, and sewing memorabilia which uniquely represented the quilt recipient.)
Father Christmas  Supply List                                                     
  • Pencil and notebook for taking notes
  •  An ultra fine sharpie marker to write on ink bottles/pens
  • Appx a fat quarter of white or off white scrap fabric..(to practice on)
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Masking or painters tape
  • 1 white large smooth surface plastic trash bag (like for tall kitchen cans)
·       Selection of colors of your choosing of Tsukineko inks in small bottles (will be available for sale during class time)
·       Fantastix painting applicators by Tsukineko.. (will be available during class time)      
  • Paper Towels..just a few
  • If you already own some fabric markers, bring ‘em if you’d like to use them on this piece.
  • A Black Micron Pigma Pen to be used for tracing clipart-like images( smaller point is best) 
  • An empty 1 gallon Ziploc for safely transporting supplies home
  • (Optional but desirable) 1 or 2 rubber stamps that represent something you’d like to appear on ‘your’ coat.  (example ..Patt will bring a few samples that relate to sewing) Christmas themed stamps are great too. Put your name on your stamps in case you loan them out during class. .
  • (Optional but desirable) Small sized no greater than 2”or 3” line drawings (like clip art) of things you’d like to see on ‘your’ coat ( Patt will have a few examples on hand).
  • Optional: If you already own a light box… we might like having one or 2 in class.
 This is a Drawing/Fabric Fee  for an original prepainted face on project sized fabric and enlarged drawing ( i.e. ready to go). 

With venue pre-arrangements... Inks and markers  can be made available in class.  Venue's advertised  description and supply list info will detail arrangements. 
Check or cash. 
Tsukineko craft ink products are also available through,

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